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Fieldlab for Digital Agriculture

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This summer I spend some time at Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy – ATB in Potsdam, Germany. I was lucky since during my stay there was an open day event called „Fieldlab for Digital Agriculture” I could participate. Partners, farmers, university groups were invited to visit experimental plant in the town of Marquardt and meet the latest developments and services of the institute.

Open day program

The day was launched with the greetings from the scientific director Prof. Dr. Annette Prochnow. The atmosphere was more familiar and friendly than formal. At the beginning, approximately 50 visitors were sitting in the hall and listening the presentation. The open day started at 09:30 and only one presentation was scheduled until 10:00 by Dr. Benjamin Trost. He spoke about topics of climate change, irrigation and greenhouse gas. Besides addressing the problems, he gave ideas how agriculture can respond to the challenge and what developments the institute is working on to help. After presentation, smaller groups were invited to walk around the experimental plant and visit some stations of prepared practical demonstrations.

Irrigation system on the experimental field
Irrigation system on the experimental field / photo: Baranyai

I was interested in the sensor techniques and spent the time around the tents of this topic. A laser scanner was introduced attached on a tractor. It is used to measure canopy volume, monitor yield and health of the orchard.

Smart sensors and e-tractor
Smart sensors and e-tractor / photo: Baranyai

Non-destructive techniques and other smart solutions could be installed on machines were of great interest. Visitors could see the working sensor solutions and some posters provided summary about the projects and achievements. Experts introduced techniques briefly and discussion continued in small groups about the details.

Intensive discussion in small groups
Intensive discussion in small groups / copyright: ATB

One gas emission sensor was also installed and placed in the canopy of cherry trees. It was very useful to see how this method is working and how easy is to deploy in the orchard. The gas sensor was placed opposite to the smart tractor, in the rows of cherry trees.

Stations of the open field day
Stations of the open field day / copyright: ATB

Five stations with 13 projects were shown and groups could look also around at the experimental plant by walking from one to another. Round tours were organized to visit all and return to the hall of presentations. The afternoon program offered open discussion about technology transfer. Thank you for the opportunity, it was a nice event.

More information: Open Fieldlab for digital agriculture

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