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Dr. Baranyai László


CIGR-AgEng 2012

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This entry will be in English because I would like to draw your attention to the International Conference of Agricultural Engineering. This event - organized by the European Society of Agricultural Engineers (EurAgEng), the International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (CIGR), and the Spanish Society of Agroingenieria (SEAgIng) - will be held in Valencia, Spain on July 8-12, 2012.

The conference

"The Conference covers emerging research and new engineering solutions for food production and rural activities, as a means to enhance human well-being and promote social benefits. New concerns include methods of agricultural, livestock and forestry production, and the preservation of natural resources and landscape by applying modern engineering concepts. Healthier production systems need to encompass higher social and economic benefits." - Florentino Juste

Call for Papers

"Diverse agriculture is characteristic of Europe too. A wide variety of advanced technologies are needed to cope with the economic conditions of farmers and with the requirements of society in industrialized countries. These requirements aim to save precious resources and produce environment friendly and healthy food. As technology is part of farming, engineering must contribute to the development of advanced and efficient agricultural practices." - Peter Schulze Lammers

"This conference provides a forum for engineers, scientists and associated professionals to exchange knowledge, information and experience related to new developments in agriculture and biosystems. More importantly, it provides a networking platform for professionals to establish long term working relationships that result in improvements in the quality of life of those we serve, and which support sustainability of biological production systems and related industries." - Fedro S. Zazueta

Visit conference website: http://cigr.ageng2012.org/